When playing with a four year old….

Just in case you were wondering….teens aren’t the only kids who make you feel like downing a bottle of moscato and some chocolate cake while contemplating how and when to run away from home. I think kids of all ages are capable of this. I am also a firm believer that my three kids take turns trying to make me run away. I am almost convinced they have a running bet on who will succeed. Today was Sammi’s turn…..

Sammi and I just got finished coloring together, and I think I am about as intelligent as a box of rocks in her eyes. I couldn’t do anything right! Apparently, each marker in her box has a specific home that it needs to be returned to. Just putting the markers all willie-nillie back in there earned me a mean glare, and then she said in her sweetest voice, “That’s ok, mommy…..everybody makes mistakes sometimes.” Also, there is a very specific pink that is ok to use when coloring in hearts. Did you know that? Any other pink simply will not do, so don’t try it. Using the wrong pink elicited an exasperated “Haven’t you ever colored hearts before?!? Let’s just color a different picture. How about ponies?”

I agree to this (maybe I just enjoy being verbally abused……), so she gets the My Little Pony coloring book. She instructs me to color Scootaloo. I have no idea who that is, and I thought I knew my ponies. I played with ponies 30 years ago, Cara played with them 10 years ago, and Sammi has been playing ponies for almost a year now. I ask her which one that is and what color to make her. She then said, “I think I will just go play with Alex. You aren’t very good at coloring.”

So, here I am with my moscato, cooking dinner and wishing I had some chocolate cake…..

Just Breathe - 8x10


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