Oops…..I did it again. 

Don’t be deceived by my title. I have not regained the abs of my youth and started dancing around in pigtails in true Brittany style. I have, however, once more filled my plate to the extent that things could start spilling off the edge at any moment. It is one of those days that most moms know well. If I can pull off everything on my to do list today, I should seriously consider starting a life coaching service that teaches people how to cram way too much sh*t on any 24 hour schedule. 

Today, I have breakfast with some other moms. This is not the kind of mom circle one can afford to be uninvited from. These are the cool moms. The bad ass kind who will do a shot with you on a bad day or hunt down a teenage boy with you who made your teen cry. All while looking stylish and classy. 
Directly after comes a dermatology appointment because god forbid that my skin get the memo that the laugh lines around my eyes are a clear indication that I am too old to have an acne breakout on my chin. While eating breakfast and waiting at dermatology (goodness knows doctors are never on time), I will be emailing back donors for the silent auction that I have volunteered for at my children’s school. The items are due at 5 pm today (did I mention I am the queen of procrastination?). 

I also have a freelance writing job that I am working on this week. I am only halfway finished with the annotated bibliography that is due in my six PM class tonight. 

Oh, and Cara and Alex come back from their week long visit with their other parents in Georgia today. I need to pick them up from the airport after I pick Sammi up from kindergarten this afternoon. 

Pray for me. Oh, and do any of you other super moms have a cape I can borrow? I haven’t done the laundry yet……

Peace, love and bacon grease, fellow Super Moms!!!


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