About me and my (crazy) family…

Hello, there!

My name in Nicole. Chances are, if you reading this, you were directed here through Facebook after reading my famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) tardy note for my teenager. I thought I would take a moment to give you a glimpse into my world…..

I have an awesome husband named George. We have been married since 2008. We both have the same sarcastic sense of humor and (most of the time) the same ideas about raising kids. Our oldest daughter is Cara. She is 14 years old and she inherited my eyes, my sense of humor, my love of reading and my sleeping habits. Our son Alex is in the middle at 10 years old. He loves to build legos, design things in minecraft and has recently started dabbling in code writing. He is very sweet and thoughtful, but can be hilarious and rambunctious, too. Cara and Alex were already around when George and I met, and a couple times a year, we share them with their other parents- my ex husband and his wife. George has never treated Alex and Cara as anything but his very own, and I consider myself blessed to call him mine. Sammi is our youngest. She is crazy……in a good way. She is my little sunshine. She can make anyone laugh. She inherited my mother-in-law’s blue eyes and blonde hair. I frequently look at the two of them when we are together and think it is unfair that I gave birth to my mother-in-law’s clone!

We live in Northern California, but George and I are both Army veterans, so we have done our fair share of moving! We share our home with two service dogs (one is an English Springer Spaniel, the other a Bulldog/Pitbull mix), two pugs, two cats, and a tortoise. We try to help our community and church families when we are able, and we teach our children responsibility and right from wrong. I am going to school full time to be a therapist, and I have a photography hobby/business (more hobby than business).

My main concern is my children. Raising them to be respectful, happy, well rounded adults  is my goal in life. However, don’t yawn and start thinking this is another one of THOSE blogs. I am not the perfect parent, and I will never pretend to be. You can expect to see stories in this blog that will show parenting for what it really is. It can really suck. It can also be really awesome and rewarding. Sometimes it can even be both of those things in the same day!

There are days that I can’t get enough of my children and I just want to tell the world how awesome they are……but, there are also days when I can understand why some animals eat their offspring!! (;